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Puzzle: Fire Sticks | Steam

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Hello! I started creating this puzzle at the request of my girlfriend))) The first version was liked by my friends and I decided to run it in Steam. The gameplay is very simple - rearrange the matches in such a way as to achieve mathematical equality, be smart, collect bonuses, open hidden levels and much more.

Key Features:

- The game has more than 100 levels of varying difficulty;
- Each level has at least one solution, but you can find your own and you will be awarded;
- Bonus levels for non-standard passing;
- You can use a fire extinguisher and other auxiliary tools;
- For skillful passage you can get items of Steam inventory;
- In the near future, new game elements and levels will be added;

If you like the game, I will make updates, new levels, trading cards and more. The price is symbolic - buy and enjoy! This is not the last project, write your wishes and ideas, we will do it!

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St# Avatar Name Level Play Time In Levels (min) (hour)
1 Steel Pinocchio 75 166.6 2.8
2 OGF-Naraa 66 92.6 1.5
3 procamcctv 65 80.2 1.3